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Brewers take the efficient route to beating the Padres, 4-3

The Padres lose the final series of the season, but still have some skin in the game with Headley and Cabrera respectively going after the RBI and steals crowns for 2012.

Mike McGinnis - Getty Images

I really should use the FanGraphs graphs more often. The Padres' penultimate game of the season is an interesting enough one to look at.

Source: FanGraphs

The Martin Maldonado grand slam was too much for the Padres to overcome, though they did give it a decent enough effort. Everth Cabrera got himself 3 hits and Chase Headley got himself a couple of hits and a couple of runs, but no RBI to add to his lead in the RBI race. Everth Cabrera didn't get any steals.

Speaking of steals. There was an almost busted pickoff of Cabrera in the 5th, where our man was caught leaning, but was, for whatever reason, chased to second base and tagged just before sliding in safely. Cabrera slide feet first and juuuuust leaned back far enough to get caught. I wonder if a head first slide would've seen him safe. I wonder.

So Chase Headley goes into the final game of the season with the RBI lead. If he were to pick up multiple RBI in the last game, it would be cause for celebration. Unless Michael Bourn (40 stolen bases) plans on having a ridiculous final game, Everth Cabrera will quietly have become the steals champ for 2012 with his 43 plus whatever he manages in the last game.

I know baseball's a team game and all, but in a season like this, it's nice to know some dudes will be getting recognition for their efforts.