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Chase Headley is NL Player of the Month for September

Player of the Month honors must be partly based on name recognition. Like incumbents are shoe-ins for the following month. Wait they aren't? Oh. Well then!

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For the second month in a row, Chase Headley is the National League Player of the Month, which is remarkable if you think about it. The only other Padre to ever do such a thing was Ken Caminiti in 1996 and here's Chase Headley, no big deal, owning it like a boss.

Chase has hit .314 this month with 9 homers and 30 runs batted in. Bryce Harper had a good month too, but Chase Headley is more of a man than Bryce Harper.

As it happens, Bill Center informs us that Chase Headley was also voted Padres Player of the Year voted on by writers regularly covering the team, which, by my count, if bloggers aren't included, is like majority among 4 dudes and Marty Caswell if we count her as a writer.

In other news, Chase Headley will likely finish 17th in MVP balloting for 2012 and most non-Padres baseball fans will not realize that Headley accomplished anything until the Padres face their favorite team next season and his accomplishments are noted in everyone's respective media guides.

"The Savior" Chase Headley

#7 / Third Base / San Diego Padres




Balls: So hard motherf_ckers wanna fine him


May 09, 1984