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SB Nation United Update - Return of the Rec

You can recommend blog posts again, but should you?


SB Nation just made a minor update that returns to you the power to recommend our blog posts. It's nice to know our writing is appreciated but Dex made a good point the other day when we were discussing the topic. Really a "recommend" doesn't do a whole lot.

It's much more valuable to the blog, the community and us if you share the story you like on other forms of social media so that your friends and acquaintances see it and it drives a little more traffic. So really the "Share on Facebook" and "Share on Twitter" are the way to go, if you deem the blog post worthy.

The "Recommend" button on your FanPosts still has some value because the FanPost can then be promoted into a more visible area. Still you may want to consider sharing on Twitter or Facebook even for FanPosts. The "Recommend" on comments remains the same, after five Recs the comment will turn green and become more visible as well.

It'd be nice if eventually we you, tweet that you're in the Game Threads to remind others about the game and that there are other Padres fans ready to talk baseball. It might be hard to get into that habit though, so maybe we start next season.

In conclusion, if you want to rec, go for it. If you would like to further our cause then share on other forms of social media too. Do what you want though, it's a free country.