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Padres out homered by Brewers

Mike McGinnis - Getty Images

I had the game on TV last night but was only paying attention off and on. I saw Clayton Richard hit his first home run ever to deep right field and then prance around the bases with a huge grin on his face. He has a very unique home run trot. It's like he's a prize pony and he's being shown before judges. I don't want him to be self-conscious about it but I think he should be made aware.

The Brewers answered back with three home runs of their own proving that Miller Park favors overly muscular hitters. And while the Padres dropped the game 3-5, the battle for most RBI in the National League is still being lead by Chase Headley. He now sits at 113 and Ryan Braun has 112 and cloudy urine.

In other news the Dave Staton Jersey made an appearance at the game and on the Fox Sports San Diego broadcast. Here's Gaslamp Baller staticjoe and his wife incorrectly guessing the final score of the game. They were close though.