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San Diego Padres move Anthony Rizzo for RHP, Andrew Cashner (100 mph clubber)

The Anthony Rizzo era is over as the Padres have capitalized on Jed Hoyer's crush on Rizzo and their own depth at first base to acquire the arm that we needed. The key pieces here are obviously Anthony Rizzo, one of our blue chips acquired for Adrian Gonzalez, who we've now converted into Andrew Cashner who has touched 101 mph on the radar gun, but typically throws a high 90s fastball.

Some team scouts project Cashner as a starter, though he could see time as a reliever. Discussion has been that the Cubs have misused Cashner to this point and that he would benefit from playing in San Diego thanks to Petco and pitching coach Darren Balsley.

Our time with Anthony Rizzo was short. Short enough that we should probably consider this a three way trade. A three way trade with two GMs. Weird.

Padres also move Zach Cates and also receive centerfielder Kyung-Min Na.

Anthony Rizzo was also really handsome with boyish good looks.