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Rumor Mill: Quentin had yearned to return to the NL West where home runs and nice weather are plentiful

We very rarely get anonymous tips about the Padres. People drop them into our Tip Jar along with their old gum wrappers and cigarette butts.

Here's one we got recently about Carlos Quentin

From time to time Carlos Quentin used to stay the night with Juan Pierre. Juan Pierre and I lived in the same building in downtown Chicago. Carlos Quentin would work out in gym sometimes i saw him maxout the bicep curl machine all the time...

Man that's rad. Dude is strong. That's our newest Padre! Just knocking out reps in beast mode, getting all swole and sweaty.

...and never wiped anything down afterward.

Ew. He looks like a dude who might sweat a lot too. That's gross, but they probably have people that wipe down machines for you in the big leagues. He's used to others cleaning up after him. He does his cleaning up in the batter's box!

I'd talk to the guys whenever I could, mostly I talked to Juan who was surprisingly nice for an ex dodger. Last season after the white sox beat the rockies the team plane got in really late so Carlos spent the night with Juan, we took the elevator together, Carlos talked about wanting to play in the NL West again so he could play more games in colorado and AZ. He said it was easy to hit homeruns and that the weather was nicer in the west than the east and midwest. Juan, the ex dodger agreed but said playing for Ozzie was better.

It's always nice to get a player that wants to be in the city where he's playing or at least in the division.

Carlos might really like it here if he learns to wipe off the machines after he uses them.