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Predicting Carlos Quentin 2012

Who me? I'm looking forward to Carlos Quentin. It's been an amazingly long time since we've acquired somebody under 30 who's had proven success at the big league level. And if you don't think two All-Star game appearances by the time he was 28 demonstrates success, then we'll agree to disagree.

But seriously. Who was the last guy?

Jorge Cantu? I guess Jorge Cantu.

But still there's concern that Carlos Quentin will fail miserably in Petco Park. That he will be Ryan Ludwick or Jim Edmonds as opposed to Mike Cameron/Piazza or Khalil Greene once he tries to hit towering home runs. That he will only manage an 80 game season and 6 home runs before being traded for a pile of bats out of desperation. That his giant buttocks and hands like Christmas hams will prevent him from making any plays in right field left field.

I have high hopes, but I'm an optimist. Plenty of doubters out there, but I'm curious about what Gaslamp Lurker thinks so here's a poll.

Over or Under:

  • 119.5 games (he's averaged 102 games per year in 6 years at the big league level, but 119.5 in the last 4 years)
  • 19.5 HRs (he's averaged 20.2 HRs per year)
  • 3.5 Errors (averaged 3.5 errors per year. I know there are better fielding metrics, but this is good enough)

The following 8 options should cover our bases (I did computer engineering in college so I know binary). Vote early! Vote often! Who me? OVER!!!!