Padres Little League Initiative Makes Me Wish I Was a Little Leaguer

Last Fall, along with the unveiling of the Padres' new major league uniforms, Tom Garfinkel announced the Padres Little League Initiative, a program aimed at providing uniforms to local little league teams. On Friday afternoon, Mentor announced that the little league uniforms have arrived, ready to be worn by 10,000 kids in San Diego County.

(See his tweets here, here, and here.)




In response to a blog post by BP over at Lobshots, Mentor explained that the uniforms were custom made by Majestic, many with sewn-on logos. Also, the unis will come with matching hats.

This has to be one of the best community outreach programs the Padres have ever done. I can't wait to start seeing little leaguers around San Diego sporting badass uniforms from all the different eras of Padres history. It almost makes me want to find a kid on a little league team and steal his jersey from him. But that would be creepy so of course I wouldn't do that. Anyway, these look awesome. Kudos to Tom Garfinkel and the Padres organization for making this happen!

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