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Padres broadcaster Jerry Coleman endorses Marine veteran Nathan Fletcher for Mayor

When Jerry Coleman speaks, I listen.

Of course I don't know his broadcasting schedule since it's been severely cut back over the last couple of years. So really there are probably a lot of times that he's speaking and I'm not listening, because the game is on TV or the Padres are playing really poorly and I'm trying to ignore them.

But if I'm in the car, the Padres are in the divisional race and Jerry Coleman just happens to be speaking, then I'm listening.

I'm also going to listen to him if he makes any endorsements, whether it be for San Diego County Credit Union or for a combat tested Marine who is running for mayor.

It is time to turn the page on the problems of the past. Nathan will lead San Diego into a new era and will build broad coalitions to solve our problems. I encourage you to learn more about Nathan by visiting his website, facebook or twitter.


Jerry Coleman