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Gaslamp Ball Proclamation: There is no such thing as a "scrappy" pitcher

Gaslamp Ball will occasionally provide endorsements and judgments in the world of baseball and beyond. Should Gaslamp Ballers need to cast a vote or require an official opinion, look for Gaslamp Ball Proclamations first to see what our official stance is. Thank you.

A Major League pitcher is primed for success. He literally has 7 men standing behind him ready to do whatever it takes to help him accomplish his task and another man squatting 60' 6" in front of him directing his every move. In Petco Park, a pitcher also has the benefit of the moist sea air and spacious outfield to assist in his task. More often than not, this success is realized.

The odds are notably stacked in favor of a pitcher and because of this, there is never a need to be "scrappy" when pitching.

A scrappy position player has the odds against him and can be compared to the fisherman from Ernest Hemmingway's The Old Man and the Sea. His physical prowess has long escaped him (if ever it was there) and he is forced to rely on wits, luck and sheer determination to accomplish his task, which no one expects him to do. In contrast, Major League pitchers are captains of Japanese whaling boats, literally commanding a team of men to help him throw spears into a defenseless animal, minding its own business, that has to come up for air eventually.