Dream Diary - The Top Hat

So, I've had these dreams involving the padres and a top hat twice now. I think it's time I jot it down.

The first dream was a few months back. Maybe even a year.

I live in Nevada which has no state lottery. My friend had just returned from Arizona with some lottery tickets we agreed to split. Well, I dreamed about winning the lottery. The first thing I did with my lottery money was buy a condo at The Legend overlooking Petco Park.

The next thing I did was buy full season tickets in the dugout seats. For whatever reason, I saw it as important that I be seen on tv. I wanted to be the guy you thought of when you think of Padres games. I must admit some inspiration came from that guy on the dirty doggers who used to do the speed gun behind the backstop.

Anyways, I decided that wearing a top hat to every game would get me the attention I deserved. It worked. I was talked about on the tv broadcast and was generally known around town.

Last night's dream continued the story. I was becoming too famous as "Top Hat Guy". People in the stands started wearing top hats too. Though some people would only put on their top hat in the later innings in order to start rallies. I got a bit sick of going to local gaslamp restaurants and people recognizing me. I tried walking around town without the top hat, but I was still getting harassed by fans who wanted to take pictures with me. I did get lots of free beers though.

The dream ends with my friends inviting me to The Tilted Kilt and me trying to decide whether or not I want to bother being out in public.

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