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Padres decide to approve Bud Selig as Commissioner later, via phone presumably

So it looks like John Moores just didn't want to be the only one leaving Arizona with his fate left up in the air as he has apparently now gone ahead and voted "yay" for letting Bud Selig remain Commissioner of Baseball.

If you'll remember, the owners meetings were supposed to be a time for the owners to go ahead and approve the transfer of ownership from John Moores to Jeff Moorad, but was unexpectedly tabled. Selig at the time said that the vote could probably be finalized at a later date by phone, to which Moores apparently responded by voting a NO on letting Selig become commissioner again.

But now, cooler heads have prevailed and Moores has fallen in line and seen the light. Of course Selig should be commissioner. Of course.

In my mind, however, what this means is that the Padres ownership transfer will happen any second now. Any second... Waiting... Twiddling...