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Making a Baseball String Bracelet


I saw this Baseball String Bracelet on Pinterest last week and thought I'd try to make one today. Crafts are not my strong suit but it's important to try things you see on the internet, whether it be arts and crafts or love making techniques.


It wasn't long into the process that I determined I should have started with a better baseball. Actually that should be tip one.

Tip 1: Use a baseball that is only slightly used, instead of beat to hell.

I grabbed the worst one in the ball bag because I didn't want to cut up a ball that I might actually use again. Cutting the dried leather was rather easy with my Craftsmen utility knife. It helped to keep the leather in place on the ball as long as possible so that you have a backing to cut against.

Tip 2: Try to make one long continuous cut.

Once I disconnected the laces from the ball I realized that I would probably need a pair of tweezers to pull laces through the holes. The ball I was using had rotten laces though, so the stitching kept breaking. I got frustrated and gave up, just like the 2011 Padres.

Maybe I'll try this with a better ball a little bit later. Anyhow here are the fruits of my labor.

Make your own and we can be BFF.