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Just watching some video of Austin Hedges on a Monday

I'm watching some YouTube videos of Austin Hedges hitting in a batter's cage. Is that what you call it? Batter's cage? That doesn't sound right. Batting cage. I think that's it.

Dex reminds me that Austin Hedges is the catcher the Padres picked in the second round. People thought he was unsignable because of his bonus demands. That's why he dropped to the second round. The Padres scoffed at the thought that anyone was unsignable. So what did they do? They signed him, they signed the hell out of him.

Now all they have to do is put him through years of regimented training, watch him blossom into a man, promote him as a player of the future with the All-Star potential and then trade him away before he has a chance to make an impact. Right Padres fans?

It feels so naughty when people film with their iPhone upright. It makes me feel like a voyeur. It's like I'm hiding, peeking out of a door and just seeing a sliver of what's going on. Perhaps touching myself all the while. I digress...

Professional baseball players swing so hard, but make it look effortless. I bet I could swing with all my might and still not even approach their bat speed. I think the better you are the more effortless it looks. Like if you could see me blogging right now you'd see me in my pajamas, smoking a Newport cigarette -- effortless.

One time we saw Adrian Gonzalez in the cage and that dude looked flat out lazy but the sound of the crack of the bat sounded like a small caliber gun shot.