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Orlando Hudson is nuts as proven by this interview


O-Dawg (O-Dog? Oh-Dogg??) goes at it in this interview. Covers why fishing and hunting allows him his butt large watch. Sings Happy Birthday with a little R. Kelly mixed in with a little Brian McKnight mixed in with a little Smokey Robinson. Discusses Heath Bell's All-Star pop-up slide. Discusses Heath Bell not being right in the head. Talks about chicks digging the 3-ball. Discusses Heath Bell not wearing a shirt (3:25). Talks about throwing the ball into the stands before the third out.

I mean, goes at it like an O-Dawg.

On the short list for people FSN should go after as baseball analyst: Orlando Hudson and Orlando Hudson. All assuming that he'd go and that ESPN doesn't snatch him up. This is gold and diamonds.

"O-Dawg" Orlando Hudson

#1 / Second Base / San Diego Padres





Dec 12, 1977