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5 Padres pictures from the week

A picture is worth a thousand words. This blog post is worth five thousand, one hundred and sixty-six words.

  1. has a frame by frame analysis of this Padres fan getting hit in the chin with Venable's home run ball. In some circles people are aroused by getting balls laid on their chin, not so in this case.


  2. Pad Squad Jaquelyn made SignOnSanDiego's "Top Photos of the Week".  She's ranked number 6 and beat out a picture of a giant Filipino crocodile.  So there's that.

  3. Chase Headley's wife Casey gave birth to their first child Colt Jordan Headley.  I want his beanie in an adult size.

    Picture via Faith in Focus.

  4. Jesus Guzman got tagged in nuts, where he is most vulnerable.

  5. Bobby Cressey has been killing it all year on organ for the Padres.  He played his last game of the season yesterday.  Here's a picture of his view (from earlier in the year).  He usually takes song requests the day before the game.  I suggested he play the Muppet Show Theme.  Apparently it "especially rocked".