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Game Thread: 9/07 Padres vs. Giants

Today is our last chance to salvage a game in this series, and our last chance to make the Giants fans at Petco Park shut up. Although in the event of a Padres win today, they would probably still throw their dick(hat)s in our faces and rejoice in the fact that Mat Latos isn't getting the win. You know, because they're all serious baseball fans who have been following the Giants their whole lives and totally do NOT only own Giants gear manufactured after September 2010.

We're gonna send our hometown hero Aaron Harang to the hill today to try and get us that elusive victory. He will be going for his 13th victory of the season after pitching well in his last two games but being unable to pick up the win in either. Harang hasn't lost three straight all season, and if all goes well, today won't be the first time. Harang will pitch opposite Matt Cain, who is having a career year. However, he, like Harang, is a victim of a low-scoring offense, which has left him with an 11-9 record despite his 2.85 ERA, 1.07 WHIP, and .219 BAA. Hopefully our bats can come through today and raise those stats while Harang and our bullpen shut down the Giants' offense.

Btw, did you guys know that one year ago yesterday was the day our Padres snapped their ten-game losing streak? I totally meant to include that in yesterday's game thread, but I forgot. But now you know. Let's hope we end another losing streak today so Dex and jbox will have something to talk about other than Padres prospects and how terrible the Padres are. I mean that's ALL we hear about around here and, frankly, I'm sick of it.


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