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The Most Amazing Five San Diego Padres Prospect Talk Links IN THE HISTORY OF THE GAME (September 6, 2011)

For whatever reason, all I could think about this morning was the prospects of the San Diego Padres. I was soooo compelled to do it because I was like, "What's more interesting than the fact that all of the San Diego Padres prospects worth talking about are currently playing with the club right now because of September call-ups?" How about OTHER prospects!?!

And then I said, "dromg... that's genius." Nobody would ever suspect prospect talk in SEPTEMBER! When the Padres have basically called up any prospects worth talking about. NOBODY!

Actually, if you haven't been paying attention like me, maybe you didn't realize that the Padres minor league system actually has been spending the year absolutely destroying the morale of fans of non-Padres minor league teams all season. Like crushing teams. Making other minor leaguers cry. Literally.


Bonus Link... Are you using the new Google News? Do you wish you could read about the Padres minor league system like ALL the time? Here's a link that will help you do just that: SAN DIEGO PADRES MINOR LEAGUE NEWS!