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Padres GM Hoyer thinks leadership and chemistry were missing this year

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • It's too early for Hoyer to assess the season, "probably have to get away from the season for a couple weeks to have any clear thoughts."  The Padres are having an organizational meeting where they will dissect the season. 
  • Leadership and chemistry were missing from this year's Padres team. 
    "We did not do the little things well at all this year."
    Leadership was a problem in the clubhouse and Hoyer takes responsibility for not bringing in those types of players. 
    "We had a few too many guys that were focused on putting up numbers and trying to get to free agency."
  • Hoyer thinks he neglected the bench because he had to use the money for the lineup.  "We got 1500 bench at bats that were really poor." 
  • Hoyer was counting on Brad Hawpe, Jason Bartlett and Orlando Hudson as leaders.  They did their best individually but they didn't spend a lot of time mentoring younger players.
  • There are rumors that Orlando Hudson isn't a good fit in the clubhouse.  Hoyer hears a lot of things.  He expects him to come back next year in much better shape and ready to play up to his potential.
    "I think there is a real danger when you have a negative season that people start gossiping outside the clubhouse.  In general that stuff needs to stay out there and not seep it's way out."
  • Hoyer doesn't want to scapegoat Randy Ready for the bad season, but he did let Ready's contract expire. "I did feel like it was the right thing to do." The thinking at the time of his hire was his relationship with the young players would benefit them.  He's not a "pure hitting guy", he wants to manage or be a bench coach.  The Padres want to hire a "Hitting Rat" someone who really gets into the mechanics of the players.
    "I'm aware of the history of hitting coaches for the Padres, but that doesn't mean if I feel like a change is needed that we don't make it."
    Hoyer desperately wants to stop the revolving door of hitting coaches. They're planning on bringing in two hitting coaches so that each player can get more focused attention.  The Dodgers and Cardinals have two hitting coaches.  There are a few internal candidates, but Hoyer won't comment on Phil Plantier.
  • There are many different areas on the team that need improvement, it's a matter of prioritizing.
  • "I'd love to have Heath Bell back."  He's a great closer and been great for the city. 
    "If it makes sense financially then we'll bring him back. I'm not going to do something irresponsible financially just to bring Heath back."
    If one guy is taking up too large of a percentage of the payroll then they won't do it.  They will definitely offer him arbitration.  Hoyer thinks it's better to have a closer on a one year contract because it's a high burn out position.
  • Hoyer is really surprised the Red Sox didn't make the playoffs. He was shocked that their pitching really disintegrated at the end of the year.  It was the best night of baseball he's ever seen.  Hoyer thinks Theo Epstein is one of the best GM's in the game and thinks he'll be there for a long time. 
  • Hoyer saw Darren Smith in the press box and said "I wouldn't walk my dog wearing that outfit".  Darren says
    "We've seen pictures of you walking your dog, there all over Gaslamp Ball and you're right, you go with the Northeast preppy look, all you were missing is a Benetton sweater."