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Padres finish season 71-91. Let's review our pre-season predictions.

Each year we ask you to make pre-season predictions, this year was no different. 

Today we find out if we have a psychic witch among us.  First let's look at the final NL West Standings and records.

NL West Standings

Arizona 94 68 .580 0 Lost 1
San Francisco 86 76 .530 8 Lost 1
Los Angeles 82 79 .509 11.5 Won 1
Colorado 73 89 .450 21 Won 1
San Diego 71 91 .438 23 Won 1

(updated 9.29.2011 at 10:07 AM PDT)

Now take a moment to review our 2011 Padres Predictions.

Can any of us see the future?  The answer is no.  Actually after looking at all of our predictions, I don't think any of us know a thing about baseball.  Myself included.

Only 5% of those who took the poll predicted that we'd win between 71-75 games.  Undoubtedly we were all too optimistic, probably because of how we overachieved in 2010.  No one predicted under 73 wins and the vast majority of us picked a win total in the 80's.

Not one of us predicted the the Diamondbacks would win the West.  Nor did anyone predict that the Padres would finish in last place.

The only thing that we really correctly guessed was that Heath Bell would be an All Star.

Let's do better next year.  The Padres too.