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The Padres continue to tinker with their uniforms, like Lucas with his trilogy

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Christian Petersen

With the Padres again tweaking their uniforms for 2012, the rumors of red being added to an already full color palette and the release of George Lucas' latest iteration of the Star Wars trilogy on Blu Ray, I was wondering if the Padres, like Lucas, had always envisioned their ideas differently but technology wasn't able to meet their grand imagination. Decades later they are still making changes when many fans agree they got it right the first time around.

Perhaps back in '69 seamstresses and trade workers weren't able to properly dye uniforms blue and gray so they had to make do with brown and gold, imported from the Orient, until advancements in uniform technology caught up. Just like Lucas had to make his trilogy work with Ewoks that didn't blink and a Darth Vadar who didn't embarrassingly yell out "NOOOO!" during a critical scene.

I was recently directed to a link that showed rebellious Amazon users and Star Wars fans unifying to give the Blu Ray release of Star Wars one star, the lowest possible rating. By cancelling pre-orders and leaving bad reviews they felt they were sending a message to Lucas to stop making unnecessary and destructive alterations to their beloved movies.

Once a proponent of protecting the heritage of film himself, now he can't be stopped from tinkering with his own. He's like a patient addicted to plastic surgery, never happy with the outcome always looking to make another cut until he is unrecognizable. Against the wishes of his fans he is determined not to give them the original releases which they want so badly on Blu Ray disc.

Personally I grew up watching the Padres in Brown and Gold and the original Star Wars releases. I feel disconnected from the current colors in the same way I do from the second Star Wars trilogy. It wasn't meant for me, I'm not the target audience. So they can tweak these new uniforms all they want and it still won't feel right.

While the Padres uniform debate may not be as passionate as the one for Star Wars and more of a polarizing topic. I can't help but feel that the Padres and George Lucas have something in common. I fear that as they continue to make alterations the further we get from seeing the original 70's versions on the field or in our entertainment centers where they belong.