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SD Suicide t-shirt by Chris Lapan. Would you wear this?

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We're trying to decide if we like Chris Lapan's, SD Suicide t-shirt or not. On the one hand, we like the idea behind a bunch of different colors coming out of the despondent Padres fan's head. We also like the look of the Padres fan himself. Bleeding SD logo. Super sad face.

On the other hand, the colors are a little bit off. Is that brown on top? What's the yellow? Shouldn't that be more sandy?

In the end, we're thinking that we'd rather have a cleaned up version of the t-shirt that the cartoon dude is wearing as opposed to the t-shirt that the cartoon dude is in. It's a pretty close call though.

How about this: Two different versions of this t-shirt. The first on brown, but the colors coming out of the guy's head are sand and sky. The second in blue, but the colors coming out of his head are brown and mustard. Would they give this t-shirt the extra something something?

What do you think?