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Five Padres Links that will change your life

Look! The gold front panel was supposed to be shaped like a bell!  It was right in front of us all along and we never saw it!
Look! The gold front panel was supposed to be shaped like a bell! It was right in front of us all along and we never saw it!
  • The Ballcap Blog: The San Diego Padres "Taco Bell" Caps
    I love how the author breaks down all the minute differences between the caps throughout the 70's and 80's. 

    How is it that I never knew the front gold panel was originally designed to be shaped like a mission bell?  So cool. 

    They were called "Taco Bell" hats because of the bell shape and the colors.  Taco Bell employees used to wear brown and gold back in the day. 

    When I think back to Taco Bell in the 80's I remember the taco wrappers being the same color paper as $500 bills in Monopoly. For that reason whenever I play Monopoly I get hungry and whenever I eat Taco Bell I get greedy.
    Cap Tip:

  • Padres close to agreement with FSN |

    “It’s just a matter of dotting i’s and crossing t’s and conforming to MLB’s specifications,” the source said. 
    I just finished listening to Jay Posner, the author of the article, talking with XX1090's Darren Smith about the new contract.  It sounds like a $25 million a year deal, but it might be front loaded in an attempt to buy out John Moores' stake in the team.  Smith also found this job posting for an FSN manager in San Diego.


  • insidethepadres: DePodesta, scouting
    With the Moneyball movie coming out soon Tom Krasovic reminisces about some of his favorite characters. Here's a quote from the fat nerdy kid in the movie:

    "One of the things I try to tell our guys all the time is, in your scouting report especially, don't ever reiterate the stats," DePodesta said. "I think you need to try to explain them. That's what I certainly try to do in my own mind."


  • Maybin has "Say Hey" experience |
    Maybin had a dinner date with Willy Mays while in San Francisco last week.  Shortly after he was diagnosed with sore right wrist.  I guess Mays doesn't put out on a first date.  Was that joke too crass? Probably yes.

  • Hey Caminiti! Macarena Parody - YouTube
    During the mid-90's the PA system played the Macarena on repeat. It ruled, kinda.

    "Hey Caminiti!" is a 1996 parody song of the Macarena, written and performed by Glen Erath, of the old Hudson and Bauer radio show in San Diego.  "The song was played during a game at Jack Murphy Stadium exactly one time, after which Caminiti ask that it never be played during a game again. I was at that game, and I distinctly remember everyone in the stands attempting to do the Macarena."