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Game Thread: 9/13 Padres @ Giants

The Padres will try to prevent a losing streak tonight as they take on the Giants in game 2 of the series. After defeating the Diamondbacks to prevent a sweep on Saturday, the Padres got right back in the L column last night in the series opener against the Giants. It all seemed to be going along fine (okay, not fine, but not disastrous) until the wheels came off in the seventh inning. The Padres couldn't come back from the 5-run lead and Giants fans everywhere celebrated by going dumb and getting hyphy. It was hella tight.

In tonight's game, two pitchers will take the mound who have both been victims of a struggling offense. Giants starter Matt Cain hopes not to have a repeat of his last outing against the Padres. He gave up just two runs over seven innings, but was tagged with a loss as his team couldn't back up his pitching performance. Southpaw Cory Luebke's last outing, against the Diamondbacks, also resulted in a loss despite only giving up two runs.

Games like these are horrid reminders of the similarities between the Giants and the Padres. Let's hope the Padres pull off some sort of offensive miracle tonight and end up on the right side of a crooked score.


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