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Padres Baseball Links that have very little to do with actual Padres Baseball

  • Padres Name Sarah Farnsworth Senior Vice President, Public Affairs | Official Info
    It's official.  You can't properly swing a cat in the Padres Front Office without hitting a Vice President.  By Tom Krasovic's count that makes 21 all together.  Farnsworth makes the transition from working in the Federal Government with its rampant overspending to Padres baseball, so I suspect we won't hear from her for several weeks as she adjusts to the culture shock.
  • Citing arm fatigue, Jake Peavy shut down for season by White Sox | News
    Sandy Alderson and Kevin Towers made some really unpopular moves during their tenure together.  This is the one trade that I'll always look back upon with great fondness.

  • 10 Questions with Bud Black |
    I never would have taken Bud Black for a shoe man or a sneaker head for that matter.  Apparently he pays $300 for his kicks.

  • THREE DOTS, NO COM: Breaking bread with Moorad reveals Padres fans must settle for crumbs
    Jay Paris had a lunch date with Padres owner Jeff Moorad. From his snarky comments a second date doesn't sound promising.

    Moorad did ask that we quit calling him a penny-pincher. My two cents worth is we will pass on his request. ...
  • THUMBS UP, THUMBS DOWN: The best and worst of the week in sports
    Nick Canepa Jay Paris is also not impressed with Anthony Rizzo which is understandable, but if he thinks that Adrian Gonzalez was going to stay in San Diego after this season he's clinically insane.

    What exactly happened to Boy Wonder? The key piece in the ill-advised trade of All-Star Adrian Gonzalez to Boston hasn't been worth a hill of beans in The Show. Those bloated numbers from Triple A Tucson sound nice, but they don't mean squat. I know the young minor-league slugger is just 21, but the Gonzo trade is an even bigger bust if Rizzo proves to be one.
  • Stauffer’s Struggles | Ducksnorts
    I've seen some strong opinions on twitter about the Stauffer situation.  I'm surprised because at this point they could sit all the starters and I probably wouldn't notice or care. 

    Sitting Stauffer has the added benefit of giving Anthony Bass, who should be a legitimate contender for a spot in next year’s rotation, a chance to show what he can do in that role.