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Game Thread: 9/12 Padres @ Giants

Here we are again, facing a team that has become, to many, our main NL West Rival. A lot of fans will tell you that we have nothing left to play for in this losing season and that watching these remaining 15 games is pointless, but I beg to differ. And no, I don't JUST mean we're playing for pride or dignity. We've got a team full of young guys trying to prove themselves at the big league level and show that they belong with the club in San Diego. They are trying to secure a spot on the roster next year, and what better way to do that then to kick butt during the regular season? Performing well now will be a bigger indicator of who is deserving of making the team next year than Spring Training will. This is their chance to leave a big impression on Padres management, and these young guys make for exciting baseball. They are the future of our team. WE ARE WATCHING THE FUTURE.

And then there's also the fact that we get another chance to beat a team that has given us so much grief, especially over the past two seasons. The Giants and their fans have made it to the top of San Diego's hate list, and we have the ability to put one of the final nails in the coffin of their season by playing well this series.

The Giants scored only two runs over three straight games, but had an offensive explosion yesterday, scoring eight runs in their win over the Dodgers. Aaron Harang will try to make sure they don't repeat that tonight when he takes the mound at AT&T Park. He is coming off a couple of decent starts, posting a 1.93 ERA and collecting ten strikeouts over 14 innings.

The Giants will send Eric Surkamp to the mound to make his third major league start and his second start against the Padres. Last week he pitched five innings and gave up three runs against the Padres, collecting his first win, so he hopes to continue that success against our lineup tonight.

We're playing for pride. We're playing for dignity. We're playing for redemption. And we're playing for the future.