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Padres GM Hoyer talks Minor League spy cameras, waiver wire deals and injuries

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • The Padres' injuries can't be used as an excuse for losing 7 games in a row.  A lot of teams have injuries but manage to win games.  They did run into some good pitching, but the team didn't hit, catch or pitch well.
  • Cameron Maybin got an injection in his wrist.  He got an MRI and there isn't anything structurally wrong it was just really inflamed.  He'll be activated this weekend or early next week.  "It's important for him to end the season on a good note."
  • Hoyer says the Padres were open to a waiver wire deal but they got very few nibbles.  "We had a few conversations, they never got that close.  I can't say we were all that close to making a deal."  The talks about Aaron Harang and Chad Qualls never got to a critical point.  "Neither guy was obviously a fit for any contender."  There are very few divisional races going on.
  • Heath Bell was never that close to being traded after being claimed by the Giants.  "In this case it was probably more block than anything else."  They had conversations but the Giants never got to the stage of offering a player.
  • It's a bad precedent to just give player away just to free up money.  Sometimes the deals make sense, but "almost all the time it's not good business".
  • The Padres claimed Jeremy Hermida off waivers and he'll be with the club on Friday.  The team isn't playing well so they want to take some chances on some players and let them play.  He was a good prospect and had a good year in AAA with the Reds.  They will give him a dress rehearsal. 
  • Jeremy Hermida, Jeff Fulchino, Luis Martinez will be with the club on Friday and two or three guys will join the club next week.
  • The Padres have put dedicated web cams in all the minor league clubs and they catalog every home at bat.  "They know we're always watching them."  The Padres are like Big Brother.  The Padres can control the camera from Petco Park. It's just Boston and San Diego that use these cameras.  "It's certainly worthwhile."  They also have a box that measures the speed of pitches and the speed of the ball off the bat.  Mike Stanton hit one of the hardest balls all year with a home run115 mph off his bat in Petco Park.  "Chris Denorfia consistently hits balls really hard."