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Pad Squad Alicia Interview

You know we usually we start these interviews with a quick question to introduce you to a particular Pad Squadder.  I just realized that we skipped that part and just went straight into attack mode, questioning Alicia's loyalties.  We're ruthless!

We met Alicia at Randy Jones BBQ earlier in the year and continue to see her at the ballpark all the time.  We found her to be a delight so we figured you should get to know her as well.  What better way to get to know a Pad Squadder than to conduct a Pad Squad Interview?  Onward!

197768_10100142349207942_10127659_53497980_2968304_n_mediumSo you and like half the Pad Squad have some sort of weird allegiance to the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles.  What gives?

Everyone’s allegiance is to the San Diego Padres, but don’t you think that the halos and friars uniting is a beautiful thing? A couple of the Pad Squadders are originally from Orange County; they were enticed by the rally-monkey’s charm during their formative years.  I was in Orange County for almost 7 years while I was in school, so the Angels became my American League team. I worked for their award winning entertainment department, too, doing everything from t-shirt launches to commercials. I wore a Padres sweater during the Angels orientation, though, so we know which team has a bigger part of my heart!

When was the last time you cried at Petco Park?

I did get a little teary during the Trevor Hoffman retirement ceremony when the National Anthem was played. The whole ceremony was really special! I’m pretty sure tears fall at least once per home stand because of the how much all of my teammates make me laugh.

Who's the funniest Pad Squadder? We're totally interviewing that person next unless you say Pad Squad Andre, because then we'll know you're a liar.

Wow, this is a difficult question. I think the top three funniest are Pad Squad Erin, rookie Pad Squad Alyssa, and rookie Pad Squad Will. Erin delivers these one liners that come out of nowhere and leave me  in tears. Alyssa is very quick witted, loud, and usually the life of the party-- She’s from Jersey, so I expect nothing less. Will is just an all around funny, future sportscaster of America. I think his interview would likely be the funniest one you’ve ever read.


Do you think this "Will" is funnier than us?

I don't know if he's funnier than you, but you may just meet your match with him.

How do you make the Pad Squad uniform your own?  Is there a certain accessory that you’re known for?

We all try to make our uniforms even more special by adding a little something here and there. I personally enjoy wearing earrings that are sparkly and girly, so I think that’s my go-to accessory that adds a feminine touch to the uniform. A few of us also wear a Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon near our hearts. Recently, one of my friends lost her battle with breast cancer and she was only 27 years old. Whenever I see a pink ribbon, I think about her and all of the people who have been affected by cancer. I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of an organization that promotes the Stand Up to Cancer mission. 

What makes you so hip?  What’s your secret?

In my 25 years of life, I’ve seen way too many episodes of The Golden Girls to be considered hip! Any hipness that I might possess is the result of being influenced by the fabulous people I work with at Petco Park.

Which Golden Girl do you most identify with?

I think I’m a healthy blend of Rose, Blanche, Dorothy.

 Which Golden Girl is Pad Squad Loxie?

Pad Squad Loxie is probably more of a blend between Blanche and Rose; sassy, but compassionate all mixed into one.

Which Golden Girl is Pad Squad Andre?

Pad Squad Andre is Sophia because he’s been around the longest and knows the ropes! Do you watch the show?!

When it comes to In Game Entertainment what do you bring to the table?

I admittedly love to ham-it-up! I think that if you’re having fun, you should show it, be able to laugh at yourself, and not worry about looking silly. After working on the entertainment crews for the Angels and the L.A. Kings, I’ve learned that an authentic smile combined with enthusiasm and creativity really does have a positive effect on the in-game entertainment experience. Everyone on the Pad Squad has been so colorful and adorable with the live promotions this year. This squad is filled with characters and I am obsessed with all of them!

Do you have a favorite baseball book?

My favorite baseball book is Ball Four, by Jim Bouton. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.

Pretend your favorite baseball book is actually Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. What would be your magic spell word to score more runs?

I've never read past the first Harry Potter book so I have no idea how to answer this question! I've decided to phone a friend you all know as Pad Squad Elizabeth (a.k.a. Dimples) for some help. Elizabeth and I threw some words and around and came up with this: Friaropookscoro!  It can only be used in emergency situations, though. For non-emergency, just-for-fun situations where fans would like to distract the opposing pitcher, we recommend wearing obnoxiously large, ridiculously flashy earrings while whipping one's hair back and forth.

Dimples thought of another! Wingardium-score-a-mora!
What’s something that you learned or surprised you when you became a Pad Squadder, that you didn’t know when you applied?

I was surprised to learn about how much goes into a pre-game ceremony and how much the Pad Squad participates in all of it. No matter how overwhelming it may seem at first, the Padres Entertainment Department managers and staff make it all so much easier. They coordinate an amazing, perfectly timed production every day at the ballpark.

What's something every Padres fan should know about the Pad Squad?

The Pad Squad is filled with a bunch of hard-working go-getters! I’m so blessed to have all of these amazing individuals as teammates and friends. We have Pad Squad members who work in education, law, sports, medicine, marketing, fitness, interior design, restaurants, radio, community relations, broadcasting, and more. Most of us work full-time and come to the ballpark with smiling faces after our regular workday because we love the Padres, we love this organization, and we love being surrounded by fellow Padres fans.

Fill in the blanks.  The Pad Squad is to the Padres as ____________ is to _____________.

The Pad Squad is to the Padres as Yoda is to the Padres Bullpen.

Please leave us with your favorite baseball quote.

My favorite baseball quote is from the Sandlot, of course: "Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. Follow your heart kid, and you'll never go wrong."

Thanks Alicia, good Interview!  High fives all around!