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San Diego Padres Losing Losing Streak Links (August 30, 2011)

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Here's what we do. When the team is in a slump, we bust that slump. We bust that slump good and dirty.

I'm gonna bang out five links (or embedded videos). You go bang whatever it is you bang when you're in a slump.

1. LA Times loves the Dodgers more than Dodger Fan - Dodgers won last night and the LA Times takes this opportunity to call out the fairweathers in Los Angeles.

2. Summer Clearance Sale DS Deuce Mesh - When I first read the description, I thought it said Douche Mess. Like this is a hat you would wear if you were a mess of a douche. And then I took a good look at the hat and I realized that my description still fit.

3. Blind woman throws out first pitch - Really good story about last night's first pitch honoree, Lorri Bernson, who lost her eyesight to diabetes. Dodger's GM, Ned Colletti sponsored Lorri so she could have a guide dog.

4. Prospect of the Day: Jesus Guzman - Sickels profiles everybody's favorite Guzman... Jesus. Rob Neyer didn't think enough of Guzman to even mention him in his preseason writeups of the Padres and Jesus heard that and got all Lebowski on opposing pitching.

5. Padres keep Bell, lose game in Arizona - From last week, but this part was interesting:

"A lot of people inside here didn't know what waivers meant," said Bell. "Some thought that if you went on waivers you were automatically gone. I had to explain it to some of the younger players. Almost every player is placed on waivers at some time. You're just not supposed to hear about it. It's supposed to be kept a secret."

I wonder who on the Padres got confused. I also wonder who leaked the waivers information. My guess is Chase Headley for both questions.