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Five San Diego Padres Things to Look at For a Monday, Monday.... (August 29, 2011)

So my prediction of sweeping the Diamondbacks didn't come true. Let's not talk about what actually did happen. Instead, look at these Things to Look at For a Monday, Monday I found:

1.Good Padres Fan or BEST PADRES FAN EVAR? JBox has a whole post devoted to this, but I leave it here because it was the Good Thing that happened this weekend. The only thing worth mentioning to you Padres Fan Friends. When I saw this happen, I thought it was terrific. Especially the part where Upton seems to say something like, "Man, I had that." And the Fan says something like, "I have a zit on my forehead." But seriously. I dream of being able to do stuff like this in my night times.

2. Kennedy wins 17th, D-Backs top Padres - I grabbed this link because I noticed it was from the Taipei Times and I thought how cool it would be to get the Taipei Times Take on the Padres getting smoked by the D-Backs, but then I look and it's just the AP story. I guess I can forgive Taipei Times for doing this stuff, but you know every other newspaper outside of San Diego and Phoenix did the exact same thing. When people say that traditional news is dying, don't they just mean that it's killing itself?

3. San Diego Swept Again - I know we're not great this season, but going into this series, we had been swept in a series 4 times. The Diamondbacks had been swept 3 times. So one more time than the Diamondbacks. I guess blogger's technically right and is just emphasizing for douchiness.

4. I'm trying to think if I'm going to like the Moneyball movie. I like Jonah Hill, but it's really hard to accept this new character when the real DePodesta is such an interesting dude. You know who I would've cast as DePodesta? NPH. Yeah. I said it.

5. There's a robot been making the rounds throwing out first pitches at baseball games this season. In my heart of hearts I am trying to figure out what makes this robot pitcher a new thing and not just a pitching machine that some college kids stole from the old Family Fun Center. If somebody had given me a grant/scholarship to come up with a robot pitcher, then you have to come up with something more like this:

And less like this. I'm totally with you, Booing Phillies Fan. We agree on that one.