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Afternoon San Diego Padres Links. Nothing special. (August 26, 2011)

I'm still up in Seattle, chillin' like penicillin.

1. What the 2010 Padres Can Teach Us About Pennant Races -  Marc Normandin pokes our collective memories with a hot stick and then jams and then twists the bloody stick mess into our collective butts.

2. Series Preview #43: Arizona Diamondbacks vs San Diego Padres - AZ Snakepit has an epic series preview up. Is this what they do for all of their serieses? Jeez. f_ckin' spoiled, those guys. In the series preview, there are a lot of generally nice backhanded compliments about the Padres including pointing out our positive run differential, Pythagorean be damned, etc. They predict D-Backs taking the series 2-1, which is homerism. We will sweep.

3. Behind the Scenes in the Petco Park Clubhouse - Jane Mitchell celebrates her 100th episode of One-On-One. Love me some Jane Mitchell. One-on-One is always solid. Behind the scenes is like seeing the back-side of epic solidness.

4. But Is It Proper, at 4:30 a.m.? - San Diego Reader reviews Proper Gastropub in the Park in the Park. I ate at proper once. I had something that was basically potatoes with a sh_t ton of meat and cheese on top. And then there was beer, but I didn't drink any of it because I was technically on work hours. But work says nothing about eating a sh_t ton of meat and cheese on top of potatoes.

5. 'Aces' show's Harang's appreciation for military - Every Sunday, Aaron Harang hosts 30 guests from Armed Services YMCA to a behind-the-scenes day at the ballpark. If you were here for link #3 of today's Afternoon San Diego Padres Links, you'll know that I consider behind the scenes things to be like the back-side of epic solidness, which is still holding true for Harang's 'Aces' program.