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HEATH BELL HAS NOT BEEN TRADED!!! Bell still a San Diego Padre

It's 10AM. Hoyer listened really hard to what Sabean was pitching, but Hoyer was not catching. Hacksaw reporting that Brian wanted to move lesser prospects for the rental, but Hoyer wanted greater than lesser.

Hacksaw also says that 6 teams put in claims. That's likely all of the NL teams that have better records than the Giants and the New York Yankees. The New York Yankees obviously put in their claim so that they could do something bad to Heath Bell because they're jealous of the Padres and the fact that Trevor Hoffman is the greatest closer ever and all they have is whatsisname who isn't even the greatest player to ever wear his own number. JEALOUS.

So now, what do we do with Heath Bell? We need to offer him a contract, right? What kind of contract does he deserve? Maybe instead of paying Heath Bell money, we should offer him some of our own lesser prospects since that's what others offered us. What would Heath Bell do with a crew of lesser prospects? Gardening is my guess.