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Giants claim Heath Bell off waivers

I don't really pay attention to baseball outside of the Padres organization.  So I didn't realize there was something wrong with Brian Wilson.  Well I knew there was something wrong with him, but not in terms of a physical injury.  Apparently he has some elbow inflammation and on the 15 day disabled list.

In any case, that means the Giants are looking for a closer and/or trying to block another club from getting a closer.

As expected, Giants are the team that was awarded the claim on Bell. Whether the Giants/SD can make a deal could depend on Wilson concernless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


But just like the Giants themselves it doesn't look like Bell is going anywhere.

Have been told the possibility of a deal between #Padres and #sfgiants for Heath Bell is "unlikely." #MLBless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply




Hank Schulman the Giants' beat writer talked to Bell.  Heath, not Buddy.

We just talked to Heath Bell, who is not ready to make any sweeping statements until something concrete happens -- or doesn't. This isn't the biggest issue for him right now. His dad had open-heart surgery today.

He did say that Padres manager Buddy Bell told him, "You're not going anywhere," although that was more of a prediction than a piece of inside information.