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Ballpark Bagger Bucketlist: Nelson W Wolff Stadium

I have not been able to add many ballparks to my ballpark bag recently, though earlier this season, I did finally check off Anaheim Stadium when the Braves came to visit. The only California MLB park left now is Oakland.

Another pocket in the ballpark bag that I want to fill is Padres minor league stadiums. With Brooks in the Atlanta and Houston minor league organizations, I actually got to see quite a bit of those minor league facilities, but I am faced with the realization that the only Padres minor league stadium I've seen a game actually played in is Portland, which obviously doesn't really exist anymore.

Therefore, I will have to start a bucketlist.

Stadium Journey recently did a review on the San Antonio Missions stadium. And therefore, up it goes onto the list. I will visit you someday, San Antonio!

Incidentally, if you're a child of the 80's like me, San Antonio probably holds a mystical quality somewhere in your heart as it was featured prominently in two of the most important films of my childhood: Pee Wee's Big Adventure and Cloak & Dagger. Between those two movies, I imagine San Antonio to be a place where half of the elderly population have prosthetic limbs and will steal video games and/or bicycles from you, only to lead you on wild goose chases to the Alamo and across river boats where tourists will dumbly watch as bullets fly and stare at you blankly as you ask them very important questions.

Thinking about it now, despite the good review, if I ever do make it to San Antonio, Wollf Stadium will have a lot to compete with.