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Seriously, this time... The Top Five Most Amazing It's My Birthday Links EVAR (August 18, 2011)

I was looking through the links today and I thought, I've been blown away by links lately. What else could be out there? And then, as if the universe was wishing me a Happy Birthday directly, I was presented with the five most amazing links I've evar seen on any birthday I've evar had or evar will have.

1. Padres may stink, but they’re still putting fans in Petco seats - First up is the Nick "Ultimate Foulweather" Canepa. Fact: Padres attendance is up from where it was last year. Credit this to clever marketing including listening to fans regarding giveaways and Friday night parties? Credit this to the aftereffects of last season's truly amazing run? Credit this to ownership figuring out the right price points for seats/food/memorabilia?


  That’s San Diego. We seem to have our minds made up that we can’t make up our minds.

So in case you missed it. Nick Canepa is actively reminding you to NOT attend Padres games and is confused as to why you would go to games, considering that this team is "not exciting" and goes on to say that last year's wasn't exciting either, just in case you had a different view and somehow managed to enjoy any games last year. Seriously, is his name Nick "CAN"epa or Nick "CAN'T"-epa... can't-nepa? cantepa... I should've quit a sentence or two ago...

2. Trevor attended same Mass as Kobe, saw no scuffle - Trevor apparently also brought Jamie Moyer to services. That would've been an epic day to go to church.

3. Padres: Latos loses to Mets, but showing improvement - On the flip side from Nick "Can't"-epa is Dan Hayes who, even after a loss finds that Latos is no longer "Tricky" Latos from April (who wasn't as effective as he was last year). Rather, Mat is now in "Attack" mode. It's almost like he's given up trying to learn ninjutsu and genjutsu and focused completely on taijutsu, which is only possible if he has the support of those around him. BELIEVE IT!

4. Florida at San Diego - USA Today has their series preview up. The Padres have owned the Marlins recently having won 9 of the last 12. Tim Stauffer takes point for the Padres and will attempt to cripple the Fish defense in such a way as to break their spirits for the second and third games.

5. David Wright homers, Dillon Gee gets 11th win vs. Padres, but Jason Bay says dugout has 'lull' feel - Later, Bay was quoted as saying, "No-no-no! I said 'LOL' feel. We LOL'd when we won! JEEZ."