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The Top Five Most *unbelieveable* Padres Links IN THE LAND!

I was looking through Padres links today, even though I'd already uncovered the best links ever, and as I looked at each of the following five, I said to myself, Unbelievable... In all the land there could not be a better set of links.

1. PADRES: Late draft maneuvers cause for celebration - When the excrement is hitting the air conditioning, preparedness is key. Gaslamp Baller Ilana knows this.

To combat the situation, the Padres had 20 employees, including co-owner Jeff Moorad and president Tom Garfinkel, spread out through four offices. Madison also said Ilana Miller — a manager for minor-league operations — practiced sending emails to the commissioner's office throughout the day in case the team needed to informMajor League Baseball of multiple signings in rapid succession.

In case anyone at the Padres asks about this next season, I can consistently type 105 WPM and jbox says my one main talent is quickly looking things up on the internet, in a phone book or via card catalog.

2. Invention – Beer cups with holes that fill from the bottom – How? - This one's only loosely Padres related, but it's still unbelievable. I watch those videos and I think, No way that is happening right now. The only other time I've ever felt that way? Watching Jurassic Park. I thought to myself, "Well, they did it... There they are... Dinosaurs... Only thing that tops this is if they figure out a way to fill a cup of beer without using that painfully obvious opening at the top of the cup."

3. Mets Succumb Meekly to Padres Rookie - This is actually the link I quoted from earlier today. I can't believe I didn't properly link to it. UNBELIEVABLE!

4.One-time prospect dealing with his bad break - Corey Brock article on Drew Cumberland's retirement. He's decided to take up coaching. I'm rooting for him to be effective, but I wonder if what he knows can be taught. He's like the Daredevil of minor league baseball. Nobody posts a +.300 average without the use of their inner ear. He's relying on supernatural stuff there.

5. Kelly MRI/Bonus - Tom Krasovic has reported that Michael Kelly's signing bonus is going to get dinged by at least a quarter of a million dollars because of results of an MRI. This is why I don't go to the doctor.