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Padres GM Jed Hoyer talks about bullpen, injuries and Petco Park

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • Trading Adams was a big picture swap.  The Padres needed to trade to get better in the long term. "No one like watching Mike Adams pitch the 8th inning more than I did."  The cost of the 2010 bullpen was very cheap, but were starting to get expensive.  "You can't have the back end of your bullpen taking up a third of your payroll space."  Bullpens need to be constantly regenerated.
  • The Padres play better offensively on the road.  Hoyer says it's tiresome talking about.  He has a hard time explaining it.  The team is 3rd in run scoring on the road and 15th at home.  "We need to figure out a solution to that long term."  Hoyer is open to any solutions.  He thinks "it's part mental" and that's a big reason as to why they haven't had the same success that they had in 2010.
  • Hoyer makes an analogy of hitting at Petco Park like hitting a golf ball into the wind.  He thinks players change their swing and hit with less confidence at home.
  • As an organization the Padres are looking to spring board into 2012.  The young players are auditioning for a spot on the team for next year.
  • Hoyer has talked to Heath Bell's agent a number of times since the trade deadline.  The nature of the conversations will remain private.  Hoyer did clear the air with Heath Bell.
  • Jesus Guzman is making a strong case for himself.  His defense was the only question.  He's making the most out of his chance.  Guzman has very little Major League experience and is controlled for "quite some time".  Hoyer could "absolutely" see Guzman on the team next year, "he's a professional hitter".  Guzman has performed at every level in the Minor Leagues.  Hoyer thinks Guzman plays best at first base.  "He's never going to be a great defender."  He is versatile enough to move to the outfield and around the infield.  He'll play in Venezuela during the winter.  
  • Hoyer isn't thinking about Jesus Guzman blocking Anthony Rizzo.  Hoyer says you have to ride the wave of the player that is performing.  Rizzo, Kyle Blanks and Guzman could all be on the opening day roster next year.  Rizzo will be recalled in September, "I think he'll be here".
  • The drafting process is strange.  The negotiations usually come down to the last few hours.  "We're going to be aggressive and make them good offers, but we're not going to do anything ridiculous.  I think we'll get all these guys signed, I hope we do."  Hoyer promises to make the best effort to sign them.
  • Nick Hundley will very likely be activated for today's game.  Luis Martinez did a very good job and won favor with the coaching staff.
  • Chase Headley has a broken finger and it's thought to be a 4 week injury.  James Darnell and Logan Forsythe get a chance to play in his absence.  Headley would be a perfect #2 hitter.
  • Will Venable has talent.  He's just been inconsistent.  He's shown glimpses of what he can be.  He's a five tool player when he's having a hot streak.  Venable was Hoyer's break out candidate before the season started, but obviously he didn't break out.
  • Cameron Maybin is having a great year.
  • Hoyer says they "always talk about" bringing in the fences but they need to focus on improving in Petco without changing the dimensions.  "It's something that's always under consideration. I don't think it's imminent. I think it's something - we need to get over the Petco hurdle without moving the fences in."