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Padres prepare batter's eye for Hoffman's number retirement

Padres prepare to retire Hoffman's number
Padres prepare to retire Hoffman's number

The Padres are preparing to honor San Diego legend Trevor Hoffman by retiring his number prior to the game on August 21st.  We've already bought our tickets to the game.  You better get yours soon or it's just going to be just Hoffman and us celebrating, which would be cool for us and not cool at all for Hoffman.


This afternoon workers with construction helmets climbed atop the batter's eye in center field.  They removed the numbers of the other Padres immortals: Steve Garvey, Tony Gwynn, Dave Winfield, Randy Jones and Jackie Robinson.  One can safely assume this was done to make room for Trevor Hoffman's number 51.

The Padres have remained quiet as a field mouse about their plans for Hoffman's number.   Nobody will tell us anything.  They want the details to remain a surprise for Hoffman.  It's not that we want to spoil the surprise, we are just dying to know... and to a lesser extent spoil the surprise.  Somebody just tell us!

I'm examining this picture closely trying my best to figure out if they'll have enough room for all the numbers without all the digits running together into one longer number.  I can't tell.  Will they put the numbers in numerical order or group Padres together and leave Robinson's #42 off to the side?  I have no idea.

I'm going to remain vigilant and keep a close watch on the batter's eye and try to catch the first glimpse of the 51 when it's lifted into place.

UPDATE:  It's pretty clear now that all 6 numbers are going on top of the batter's eye.  You can see them drilling the hole for Garvey's number now.  I guess they needed to move his number farther out to create space, even though it was on the end.

Padres_prepare_hoffman_retirement2_medium Padres_prepare_hoffman_retirement3_medium Padres_prepare_hoffman_retirement4_medium Padres_prepare_hoffman_retirement5_medium

UPDATE: Darn. I missed them actually put the numbers up.  I wonder if they did it late in the evening or early this morning. 

Why do you think they are all covered and not just Hoffman's?  Did they purchase all new numbers?  Will the numbers match the font and color of the uniform of the player's era? 

The number on the far right appears wider than the one next to it.  42 seems like it would be wider than 51.  Are they no longer in numerical order?  Or is because they are using different fonts?