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GameThread, 8/1: Padres vs Dodgers. A New Hope

Well, this is it. The 8th inning is now anyone's game. Watch out for the 8th because it's crapshoot from here on out.

I'm being facetious of course. The real likelihood is the rest of this seasons runs are scored without any official RBI being credited to any member of the Padres. That's what I'm banking on.

Maybe I'm being too too facetious. By all accounts, I'm a Mike Adams fan. I'm gonna miss having him in the bullpen. People tell me Ryan Ludwick was an OK guy, but in 2013 I will have forgotten that he was ever on the team. Maybe even a little sooner.

Tonight though, we're back to business. Jed Hoyer will be putting in place our next 90+ win season and Bud Black will pull out all the stops in his bag of tricks. Even more suicide squeezes. Maybe even take it to like homicide home runs. That'd be pretty good, right? Specially starting with the Dodgers.