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American Idol tryouts at Petco Park

American Idol try outs at Petco Park
American Idol try outs at Petco Park

You may have heard the news in recent weeks that American Idol was coming to Petco Park.  I heard the same thing, but I quickly forgot because I'm not an idolater.  Everybody used to talk about AI five years ago when a win meant number one hits, mountains of cash, concert tours and undying devotion from fans.  Myself, I've never seen the show, save for a few clips on The Soup.  It's not that I don't watch stupid TV shows, trust me I do,  I just don't watch this particular stupid TV show.

Well today is the day that thousands of wannabe singers wait countless hours at Petco Park in attempt to advance to Hollywood.  They couldn't have picked a more beautiful San Diego day to chase their sick dreams of becoming worshiped by an entire country for their karaoke level talent.

I asked Dex to take a picture of the field from his office and he provided the picture and these notes:

The first base line is where people who are advancing walk, they go back under the seats. If you don't make it, you go along the left field warning track and out into the park next to the star.   So left field warning track is walk of shame. People are singing at each of those white booths