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Padres GM Hoyer on Qualls spiking baseball: "I think it's a pretty ridiculous controversy frankly."

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • Hoyer stayed in San Diego to finish up some work. "I hate to miss a San Francisco trip. I think games there are great."
  • Every time the Padres play the Giants it's a one or two run game and a battle.  It's odd that the Padres haven't played them much this season.
  • These series against the Giants and DBacks are coming at the right time when the Padres need to make up ground.  It's a good way for the Padres to test themselves against good teams.
  • Hoyer doesn't think that a team can have another team's number.  He just thinks that the Padres and Giants are similar and very well matched. The Padres seem to thrive in San Francisco's ballpark and are able to score early which usually leads to wins.  "I don't think we have their number anymore than the Rockies had our number last year."
  • Hoyer says that the NL West is a "very flawed division". "It's a very winnable division" but the Padres had such a bad start that they need to make up ground.  Hoyer thinks it will take 85 to 88 wins to win the NL West.
  • Hoyer doesn't find anything wrong with Chad Qualls spiking the ball at home plate on Tuesday. 
    "No, I'm sure you could find 15 examples of their players doing the exact same thing in big spots.  I think that's really an example of them being frustrated.  We are 15-7 against them over the last 2 years.  They've pretty much had their way with everybody except us."
     "I think it's a pretty ridiculous controversy frankly."  One of the young Twitter followers in the Padres office told Hoyer about the controversy.  "I think it's a made up controversy."  Hoyer thinks that the energy on display and the growing "very intense and very personal" rivalry is great for baseball 
  • The Padres have 14 games left against the Giants and 13 games against the Diamondbacks.  Hoyer doesn't read too much into the team's past performance but he does like that they have so many games against divisional leaders.
  • Hoyer won't put odds on the Padres winning the division. "I don't think you can talk about winning a division until you can prove that you can win more games then you lose."  He will say that the division is winnable for all 5 teams.
  • Clayton Richard was put on the DL a few days ago.  "We liked the fact that he was a little bit upset about it."  Richard is exceptionally tough and has the highest pain tolerance on the team.  They thought it was the right precaution to take and a break and with the All Star Break coming up it seemed like a natural thing to do.  Either Aaron Harang or Wade LeBlanc will replace him in the rotation on Saturday.
  • The Padres gave performance based promotions for Minor Leaguers in the system.  The moves weren't made to prepare for future Major League moves.
  • James Darnell might be with the Padres at the end of the year if he continues to play well in AAA.
  • Kyle Blanks is playing really well.  Every scout has been really impressed by him.  "Obviously if he keeps playing like this, he'll be here fairly soon."
  • Brad Brach has been a very good closer for quite a while.  "He's going to be a big part of our pen going forward."  Hoyer can't say when that will happen.
  • Cory Spangenberg has been playing well, but he's got to keep performing at Fort Wayne before he is moved to Lake Elsinore.
  • Hoyer has been getting a lot of phone calls about possible trades.  Some teams are just checking in.  It has tailed off a little bit since the Padres performance has improved.
  • Hoyer won't say if he will trade both Mike Adams and Heath Bell.  He wants to focus on the upcoming games.  "I don't want to get into battle plans."