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Random Padres Stuff

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I was up in Oregon over the weekend, so I'm just getting caught up with all things Padres. Let's get caught up together, shall we?

  • Heath Bell was selected by Bruce Bochy to be the Padres lone All-Star representative. Bell has been good, no argument here, but the selection leaves me feeling a little empty inside. From listening to Corey Brock's latest interview on XX1090, he's pretty much convinced me that Bell won't be a Padre past the trade deadline. If Bell is traded before the ASG, will the Padres not have a representative? What if he's traded to an American League team? The AL All-Star team is already set, would he no longer be an All-Star or would he just play for the NL? This situation must have happened in the past. Someone enlighten me. UPDATE: According to Yahoo! Answers this scenario happened to Carlos Beltran in 2004.
  • I was watching the Mariners' broadcast of the Padres game on Friday. Their broadcast crew hated the Padres throwback uniforms, in turn I hate them. Was that the first time the Padres have worn throwback road jerseys from 1984? I can't think of another time. In any case, it was too bad the Pads fell behind so early. I think I tweeted at some point, "It's nice seeing the throwbacks, now show us a comeback." I returned to my hotel room alone later in the night to realize that the Padres and I had failed to score.
  • Even stranger was Saturday's game. I missed this, but apparently the Padres scored the only run of the game on a 3 ball walk by Cameron Maybin. That's classic Padres small ball.
  • By losing the series, the Mariners sunk the Padres chances of returning to .500 by the All-Star break. The team has been playing well, but I assume this still means that they will be sellers by the deadline. Hell, they'd probably still be sellers even if they did reach .500.
  • The organization also made a bunch of Minor League moves over the weekend. They promoted some of their more successful players in the system. I'm still not really interested in Minor League baseball so I'll let you read the article yourself.
  • Yesterday the Padres returned to San Francisco for the first time since last season. The Padres offense surprisingly had a pretty good day hitting against Lincecum. It was smooth sailing for the Padres until Ernesto Frieri gave up a two run homer and Heath Bell tried to give the game away in the 9th. He must be practicing for another ill fated Padres All-Star appearance. A stress free win, isn't the Padres way.