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The 10th Greatest Padres Performance in an All-Star Game

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Once upon a time, before the 21st century, the Padres were not necessarily known for choking in the All-Star Game. In fact, there were many a fine moment out of many a fine Padre. We will relive them now and over the next several days, assuming that we can remember them successfully. 

The 10th Greatest Padres Performance is also what I like to consider the Ted Williams Curse that has befallen the Padres. In 1999, an injured Tony Gwnn was elected to the All-Star Game. This would be the last time that Gwynn would receive the honor, though he had made it to the game 14 times prior to 1999. COINCIDENCE?!

Ted Williams threw out that first pitch of that ASG and, by helping the elderly Splendid Splinter, Tony Gwynn performed the 10th greatest thing a Padre has ever done in an All-Star Game. 

Ummmm... You may say. That was barely anything. Gwynn didn't even really do anything, right? Au contraire. Gwynn closed out the 20th century of baseball in grand fashion. The Greatest Hitter since the Greatest Hitter Ever, helping the the Greatest Hitter Ever? Epic. Much more impressive than anything that could've happend in game. I kid you not.

In any case, the trouble with the Ted Williams thing is it's been a reminder of how oddly San Diego baseball and Boston baseball have been linked. We send a high school and minor league star over there and he becomes the Greatest Hitter Ever. In return, we have Tony Gwynn - who most outside of San Diego just regard as the overweight guy who hit a bunch in a city nobody knew had a baseball team - help Ted Williams get the pitch across. We send over a "kinda into it" owner and that guy scores a World Series for the Red Sox using slogans he used in SD years before. And then there's Adrian Gonzalez, etc.

But still... We will always have that memory of Gwynn doing something very nice for Ted Williams. If anything, it's that kind of thing that lends mystique to our great game of baseball.

So it has been said. So it shall be done.