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Video: 1984 NLCS Game 4: Padres vs. Cubs

Kent Horner

I originally wrote this on July 28th, 2011, but saw this evening that the video was posted again on YouTube. It's always quickly taken down (probably by Cubs fans), so watch it while you can.

Maybe retiring Steve Garvey's number 6 seems a little excessive now, but I'll be damned if I'll let anyone try to diminish the meaning or the moment when he hit his walk off home run against the Cubs in 1984.

I was fortunate to grow up at just the right time so that I have no memory of Garvey ever playing for the Dodgers. To me he was and ever shall be a Padre. This was his defining moment. This was and is the greatest home run in Padres history.

I will fight off a mob if it tries to tear down his number from Petco Park. I will scratch, bite, claw, gouge out eyes, fling poop and urinate on anyone to make sure that his number stays retired.

Listen to the constant roar of the crowd at San Diego's Jack Murphy Stadium. That's San Diego baseball at its very best. That's an entire city supporting its team. It was our hour. Those are days that I will never forget. For those of you who weren't born, don't remember or have never seen this game, let it wash over you. Bathe in its warmth Let it tickle your genitalia. Do whatever it is you do with YouTube videos, but just make sure you remember it.

Go Padres!