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Roseanne Barr seeks redemption by singing National Anthem again

Three days ago we passed the 21st anniversary of Roseanne Barr singing the National Anthem at a Padres game. It was a pretty terrible rendition that caused outrage throughout the country.

In an effort to draw attention to her new show, "Roseanne's Nuts", she decided to sing the Star Spangled Banner again after taking singing lessons from the co-star of her former show.

It's too bad that the original song was performed before the age of the internet because this would have made a good Web Redemption for Daniel Tosh.

Huffington Post:

"I'm a patriot of this country and I have every right to sing it!" says Roseanne, who also makes it clear that she wanted to show her grandson that if you do something wrong, you can fix it. And that's exactly what she did, with the cameras rolling to catch every surprisingly on-key note.

The song is a challenging one to sing and I can appreciate the work that she put into it. While it's not as memorable as her original or as pleasant as other renditions at least this time she treated it with respect. I guess that's all we can ask for.