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Padres GM Hoyer doesn't think Hudson's mental mistake was funny at all

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • Hoyer looks exhausted.  Darren says "He looks absolutely just beat down."  Hoyer says it's a busy week and he's been working hard.
  • Hoyer has spent a lot of time in the conference room floating ideas and working with other teams before the trade deadline.  "I think it's important to exhaust every avenue we have to acquire talent."
  • Hoyer thinks that any possible trade has already been discussed. "I think it's pretty likely it's been discussed already."  He says that things do pop up at the last minute, but he's betting any deal has already been on their radar.
  • Three team deals are really complicated.  Hoyer spent 3 or 4 days being the center of a 3 team trade last year.
  • People in baseball are saying that Carlos Beltran to San Francisco has started a domino effect with the rest of trades around baseball.  "We need to have more teams in baseball to have that type of aggressiveness."
  • "We are certainly not having a fire sale here by any stretch.  We're on budget.  We're fine financially.  If the right deal is there and it makes sense and a little bit of money could help us in the future, then we would certainly do it."
  • Any trade they make in the next week will be a baseball move and not to dump salary.
  • Hoyer would be surprised if the Padres didn't make a deal in the next week.  "I think we should."  The Padres don't have to make a move but they don't have the talent base here that they need to be successful.  "You'd be crazy not to make some moves for the future." It's the cycle of baseball "I hope that next year we're in contention and we're trading prospects away."
  • Orlando Hudson forgot how many outs were in the game and threw the ball into the stands.  "Clearly that's something that's inexcusable and obviously Orlando feels terrible about it."  Hudson apologized after the game.  Hoyer says it was a poor game in general.  "99 pitches in a complete games is just as inexcusable as throwing a ball into the stands."
  • Hudson was quoted as saying that he thought the play was funny
    "It’s funny," said Hudson of the play that was roundly booed. "It was just a mistake. I just lost track man ... you lose track of the outs. I’ll see it on replay later and laugh."
    Hoyer responds saying that Hudson's comments were the wrong response. "I don't think it's funny at all."
  • Taking Dustin Moseley out of the game early would have crushed the bullpen.  He would have probably made moves from the minor leagues and Moseley saved them from that.  The game was one of the most frustrating of the year.
  • Rob Johnson feels much better today and the Padres won't need to make a roster move.
  • Nick Hundley is working his way back.  Hoyer is hopeful that he's not too far away, but will need a fairly long rehab stint.
  • Cameron Maybin's hip flexor is feeling better.  Maybin has a ton of power and bat speed but hasn't learned how to translate that into home runs yet.  Hoyer is thrilled with Maybin's performance this year.
  • Hoyer says the Padres have not made a trade yet.