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GameThread: 7/24 Padres vs Phillies

Tim Stauffer goes up against somebody named Roy Halladay today. things this will be a pitchers duel, which obviously, means the score will run like a high school football game in South Texas.

I sometimes wish baseball were more like Comic-Con. If I'm gonna wait in a ton of lines, I want to fill a plastic bag with as much crappy shwag as I possibly can. And then I want to make sure that I see at least a dozen B-Level celebrities for every actual celebrity there is.

And people should dress up more. Phillies fans are actually pretty good at this. They'll dress up and do all kinds of stupid sh_t. And I'm not just talking about Morbidly O Phillies Fan. I'm talking about all those random clubs that they have just to live up to their "Psycho Fan" hype. People dressed up as turkeys and what not. Or if need be, just show up with your shwag bag and be Morbidly O. As long as you stay true to yourself and your cheese steak.

Padres fans should try to live up to Comic-Con fan hype. Lots of geeks. Lots of cosplay. Hot and not hot chicks dressed up like Slave Leia year after year. Dudes dressed up as Slave Leia. Domo dolls dressed up as Slave Leia. Etc

For those of you that keep up, I have left the swanky digs of Digitaria and I am now working from home most of the month. What does this mean? A bit more flexible of a schedule. I may actually blog again. CRAYZAY.

Either way, let's watch a win today and eat some hot dogs and then all meet at Comic-con and cut the line to get into the main pavilion. I'd be down with that.