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Padres GM Hoyer realized it was time to demote Rizzo when he was missing pitches he should have hammered

Jed Hoyer and Darren Smith via <a href="!/Marty1090/status/93791754796548096">@Marty1090</a>
Jed Hoyer and Darren Smith via @Marty1090

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • Jed Hoyer uses iPads and iPhones to watch the Padres.  "We've become a lot more mobile."  He watches all the games.
  • Hoyer is going to watch the Moneyball movie. "I think you have to in this industry."  Hoyer would have made the same decision as Paul DePodesta and asked producers to change his character's name.   He doesn't expect to learn a lot but he wants to be part of the conversation when people talk about it later. "You'd be crazy not to go."
  • It's a good indicator of a player's make up when he plays his best baseball against his old team.  Hoyer uses Tony Gwynn Jr. and Cameron Maybin as examples.  Maybin is "exactly what we wanted in that deal."
  • Anthony Rizzo has been sent to AAA Tucson and Kyle Blanks has been promoted to the Padres.  The Padres have been talking about the decision for a week.  They really decided to send him down when he was missing pitches he should hammer.  "We realized he was pressing."  Needs to work on mechanics and confidence.  It's hard to work on issues when you're hitting .360 like he was earlier in AAA, but now he'll be able to focus knowing that he needs to work to succeed in the big leagues.
    2011 - Anthony Rizzo 35 98 8 14 7 1 1 6 15 36 2 0 .143 .282 .265

  • It's hard to evaluate players in the PCL because of the extreme offense.  The Padres did not consider sending Rizzo to AA.  Hoyer thinks Rizzo will be back with the Padres later this year.  "He realized that he had some mechanical issues and some things he needs to clean up."
  • Kyle Blanks will play mostly first base.  "I think Kyle is going to play a lot."  He may play left field if Ryan Ludwick needs a break.  The move to bring Blanks up was not because they may trade an outfielder i.e. Ludwick.
  • Jesus Guzman has earned a lot of playing time.  He's always been able to hit at every level.  "He's been a nice shot in the arm for us."
  • Hoyer has been busy with phone calls about possible trades. Things will heat up closer to the trade deadline.  There has been a lot of activity but no action at this point.  There are no players that the Padres are going to definitely move. 
    "I'd be shocked if we didn't make some trades.  Candidly we'd be foolish not to get some prospects or players for our future."
      The Padres are open to all offers.  "We are not in the position to have untouchables."
  • Jeff Passan reported that Mike Adams was told he wasn't being traded.  Hoyer says it was a passing more flippant comment by owner Jeff Moorad.  "I don't believe we have untouchables."
  • Hoyer has to clear trades through Moorad.  "Yeah absolutely. He's my boss."  They talk daily.  "He has final say over everything we do.'  Moorad trusts his baseball staff and has approved every move that Hoyer has made a passionate case.  Moorad has not told Hoyer that he can't trade players.
  • Hoyer will not comment on a possible contract extension for Heath Bell.
  • Orlando Hudson's injury was a "great play" but a "scary moment".  He's in the clear of any significant injuries.
  • Chase Headley is getting better.  They are trying to avoid the disabled list. He's thrilled with his progress.