Moorad to sell the AAA Padres at the end of the season


Looks like redevelopment has claimed it's first victim. With the Escondido ballpark all but dead due to the raiding of redevelopment funds that were going to be building it and so far no other North County takers, Moorad is going to end his one year AAA experiment unless Escondido comes up with a miracle to save their ballpark plan. Which to my mind is good news because Moorad will get back the millions he wasted on the AAA team (and then some) and will have it to hopefully reinvest in the major league team instead. And the other good news for him is that it appears that there may be at least two groups interested in Texas and Tucson to purchase the team from him. He's made it clear that unless the north county can produce a ballpark, which seems unlikely at this point, he'll be dumping the team.