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Around the Mission: 7/15 Padres Links

  • PARIS: Adams is a man in demand as well
    "I didn't watch the game at all,'' Padres reliever Mike Adams said. "There was no need for me to watch it if I didn't make it.''

  • Dick Williams tribute " Padre Knows Best
    The Padres are wearing their 1983 jerseys today. The jerseys have had patches added in memory of former manager Dick Williams, who passed away on July 7.

  • insidethepadres: Relievers as currency
    In truth, the Doogster has some proving to do at bullpen construction. It was the Gunslinger who acquired the aforementioned relievers. The National League-best bullpen here in 2010 was his doing, too, plus the bulk of San Diego's current bullpen; and the Gunslinger's additions last offseason for the back of Arizona's bullpen are a big part of why the Garden Snakes are vastly improved.